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Ahrefs is a powerful SEO toolset that helps you rank higher and drive more traffic to your website. Improve your content, track performance, and gain valuable insights with Ahrefs.
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What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO toolset that has revolutionized the way websites rank higher and attract more traffic. Ahrefs has been crawling the web since 2010. It is designed to assist not only SEO professionals but also individuals who may not have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization. With a passionate community backing it, Ahrefs has become a go-to resource for anyone looking to improve their website SEO.

So, what sets Ahrefs apart from other SEO tools? One of its standout features is the comprehensive set of core tools it offers. These tools include the dashboard, site explorer, keywords explorer..., site audit, rank tracker, and content explorer. Each of these tools plays a crucial role in helping users improve their websites, from analyzing backlinks and keywords to tracking rankings and exploring content opportunities.

Ahrefs provides more than just SEO tools; it also offers a wealth of learning materials through its blog and YouTube channel. Many of their learning materials and some of the tools remain free, so anyone can use Ahrefs.

Pros & Cons

checkicon Detailed keyword analysis
checkicon Backlink management
checkicon Competitive analysis
checkicon On-page SEO analysis
checkicon Brand mentions tracking

checkicon Price point
checkicon Complicated for beginners

Pricing from:



Pricing options

Free version
Free trial


Knowledge base
Video tutorials
Live chat


checkicon Site explorer
checkicon Keywords explorer
checkicon Site audit
checkicon Rank tracker
checkicon Content explorer
checkicon Free SEO tools
checkicon Webmaster tools
checkicon Backlink checker

checkicon Broken link checker
checkicon Website authority checker
checkicon Keyword generator
checkicon YouTube keyword tool
checkicon Amazon keyword tool
checkicon Bing keyword tool
checkicon SERP checker
checkicon SEO toolbar

checkicon WordPress plugin
checkicon Keyword rank checker
checkicon Keyword difficulty checker
checkicon Website checker
checkicon AI writing tools
checkicon Domain comparison
checkicon Batch analysis
checkicon Link intersect

checkicon Content gap
checkicon Email alerts
checkicon SEO checker
checkicon Traffic checker
checkicon API


Ahrefs pricing plans

Ahrefs provides both monthly and yearly plans.

For the Lite plan, you can enjoy all the essential data for small businesses and hobby projects. The monthly subscription is priced at $99, while the annual plan offers savings at $990 per year.

The Standard plan offers additional features and is priced at $199 per month. Alternatively, you can opt for the annual plan, which costs $1,990 and provides significant savings.

The Advanced plan has more tools and data, and it is available at a monthly cost of $399. The annual subscription offers an even greater value at $3,990.

The Enterprise plan starts at $999 per month. If you opt for the annual billing, you can save more, with the cost being $9,990 per year.

Pricing & support details

free-version Free version
help-center Help center
video-tutorials Video tutorials

free-trial Free trial
knowledge-base Knowledge base
live-chat Live chat

money-back-guarantee Money-back guarantee
support-tickets Support tickets
facebook-group Facebook group

Pros and cons

  • Detailed keyword analysis
    Ahrefs offers a powerful keyword tool that provides in-depth insights and suggestions for finding low-competition keywords to help you rank quickly.

  • Backlink management
    A standout feature is its backlink analysis capability. It allows you to explore your own backlink profile, monitor competitors’ link-building strategies, and identify valuable backlink opportunities within your niche.

  • Competitive analysis
    The SEO tool provides valuable insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies. You can uncover their organic keywords, backlink profiles, and even PPC keywords, which can help you identify areas of opportunity and devise effective strategies to outperform them.

  • On-page SEO analysis
    Ahrefs offers a suite of tools to analyze and optimize your website’s on-page SEO. From identifying technical SEO issues to providing recommendations for improvement.

  • Brand mentions tracking
    You can monitor online mentions of your brand or relevant keywords. This feature allows you to stay informed about your brand’s online reputation, track mentions on various platforms, and engage with your audience effectively.

  • Price point
    Ahrefs can be relatively expensive compared to some other SEO tools in the market. The cost might be a limiting factor for individuals or businesses with tight budgets, especially if they don’t require the full range of Ahrefs’ features.

  • Complicated for beginners
    Ahrefs is a powerful tool with a wide range of features, which can make it overwhelming for new users. It may take some time and effort to fully grasp its functionalities.


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Ahrefs is a popular SEO toolset that helps users improve their website’s performance and increase traffic. With features like site explorer, keywords explorer, and content explorer, it offers essential data and guidance for content strategy.  However, its pricing plans might be a drawback for some users. Have you tried Ahrefs for your SEO needs?

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